Posted by: Nathan M. | December 31, 2009

Exploiting Procedure, Proroguing Parliament

There are many reasons why the Conservative Government has decided to prorogue parliament-and none of them are very good reasons. The Tories are beginning to make it a habit of playing with parliamentary procedure in order to get what they want. That is not what procedure is designed for. In fact, it is just the opposite-the tories’ use of loopholes and procedural glitches is shameful, because it is abusing the way that Canadians do politics, and it is doing harm to the delicate balance that Canadian politics involves. There are many tendencies and traditions within Canadian parliament that have developed for specific reasons. Harper, however, has made it very clear that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get his own way. In many ways, it is like watching a child inside of a museum-the child does not care about the history or the talent that was involved in making the many beautiful pieces of art that exist there. This child, however, is rather spoiled-and does not listen to the wisdom of the past in any way. It is as if that child in the museum began to rip up and destroy different pieces of art, because his mother refused to give him a candy. That child continues to do so until the mother finally gives in and provides the child with a piece of candy. Harper will continue to rip up parliamentary procedure until he is given his way by parliament.

Proroguing parliament is supposed to be for the purpose of starting a new session, because the old session is finished. The government has accomplished what it wanted to do, so it begins a new session with new goals. Harper still has over 30 pieces of legislation going through the house-many of these he has been blaming the liberals for not allowing him to get them through. Despite this, Harper is proroguing parliament even though it will cancel all of the progress made on all of the bills that are not passed yet. And all because he doesn’t want to release information that Parliament has demanded. There is something very wrong with a government that ends parliament rather than being truthful. The government is supposed to be by the people, for the people. There are not ANY secrets-but tell that to our government and see how far you get. A term is being flirted with to describe Harper in the media right now-that term is despot. There is definitely some validity to that.

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