Posted by: Nathan M. | June 13, 2011

Geek vs. The World

(Reuters) – Governments, multinational corporations and global institutions are losing the battle against computer hackers and must combine their resources if they are to lock out cyber intruders, experts say.

The International Monetary Fund has joined Sony and Google on a growing list of hacking victims but it is hard to identify the culprits who consistently manage to keep one technological step ahead of their pursuers.

From here.

I can’t help but laugh when I read these articles. I mean, picture the most powerful organizations and bodies in the world, with their massive buildings, weapons, financial backing, etc. Now, picture a frizzy-haired guy in a basement who’s annoyed with the system, or just has it out for stupid people doing stupid things with their security-who wins in this epic battle? Yeah…




  1. Apparently there has been another hacker attack recently, on the public website of the CIA. Read here for more information:

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