Posted by: Nathan M. | June 13, 2011

Vote Subsidies

I must admit, this makes me a little fearful of the future of our political system. The elimination of the vote subsidies is essentially a significant step towards making the Canadian democratic system into a type of oligarchic democracy, where the important factor in the amount of power that a party can gain is not in accordance with how good their ideas are, according to the Canadian populace, but rather how rich their supporters are. In a society that has become increasingly effective at marketing and advertising, where many people make their choices not based on an educated and well-thought out process, but rather through their gut feeling, or assumptions, marketing is everything-especially in the realm of politics. And, with marketing, comes the primacy of money. You would have to be an extreme optimist to deny that the rich have different interests then the poor, so when you have a system where parties that are supported by the rich receive more money than the poor, that means that the rich are much better represented. This is much more of an issue than many believe-the repercussions of this action that Harper is moving towards will be seen in many elections to come. A political party should never have as its goal the eternal rule of a nation-that is not democracy, and that is not a love of one’s country or people.


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