Posted by: Nathan M. | April 17, 2013

Hello Again

Hello anyone who has been faithful enough to remain subscribed to my blog after a very long time of inaction on my part. A great deal has happened in my life since I was operating this blog, so very little time has been spent on activities such as this. However, I have decided to return to the blog, and make an attempt at continuing. I am intending on reinventing the blog in a small way however-hence the name change from Trit’s Politics to Trit’s Bits. I will continue to post on political stories that interest me and that I believe are important. However, I am also going to expand into posting on other hobbies that I have. In particular, it is my intention to (at least partly), begin posting about food and cooking on occasion, as this is a particular passion of mine. In other words, you will see bits of my life cropping up in this blog, dependent upon what it is that I am currently fascinated with. I doubt that I will ever reach the readership that I have previously attained, since blogs seem less popular and random info may be less interesting then pure politics, but we will see how things go. I encourage you to comment on any of my posts, as comments are my favourite aspect of blogging.


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